Tuesday, October 31, 2006


Place your mat.

Arrange it.

Get set to practice.

Now move off your mat.

Look at the space above your mat – the space where you are going to be practicing today.

See the space – see it as some thing, rather than no thing. Usually, we see through space to something or someone beyond it.

Extend your arm into the space above your mat. Focus your eyes on your hand in that space. Then lower your arm and keep your eyes focused on the place where your hand was.

That space is your canvas for today. Now move into that space consciously.

Experience the space in which you practice. Today, we’ll be practicing a number of twists, in part because twists enable us to feel space inside ourselves. The space you move into when you practice is not only outside of you – space exists inside of you, as well. You are a part of that space. Experience it today.

At the end of class, I’ll ask you to perceive the space in which your awareness exists. Space is a field defined in part by your body/mind moving within it. Your mind is a field defined in part by your awareness moving within it. Yoga connects those fields