Saturday, March 18, 2006

Twenty-Third Class

Saturday: today was a posture clinic with Jane. As a class, we worked through Sun A and Sun B in a round-robin teaching exercise, then divided into twos to teach through the rest of the routine. Greta and I worked together. She's very good at the instruction and has mastered the sequence. I haven't really succeeded in remembering the sequence of poses, so periodically, I asked Greta for help. Even tied into the contortions of the CPY C1 sequence, she prompted me through the sequence. Even so, I loved the instruction, the synchronous breathing with a student, adjusting, and seeing in the practice all the elements of yoga.

I already have a day job, but I suspect I'll find a deep hole in my life if I don't find some opportunity to teach what I've learned to others.

Tomorrow's the last class.