Saturday, February 11, 2006

Manorama chant - a reponse before the notes

I should be typing up my notes from today's class, taught by Manorama. And I will do so later this evening or tomorrow morning before I return to the second day of her teaching. But for now, I simply want to remark on how alarming it is to find such a direct route to my own soul as chanting Sanskrit, following her lead.

This is a place where words completely fail. I can speak in metaphors and analogies, but they are nothing more than a finger pointing at the moon or stars.

In clinical terms, Manorama has a nuanced voice, and the contrast between her joking and light hearted English explanations of Sanskrit are interspersed with reverent and sonorous Sanskrit mantra chants. The contrast between the two modes is distinctive, but hardly enough to explain why or how her mantra chanting inspires in me power, energy, vibration, connection, embodiment.

For me shedding tears in yoga is nothing new. Being largely unaware of the tears until the chant ends -- perhaps that's the new thing for today.